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Harness natural immune power

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ImmuMab® Mouse

A new fully human antibody discovery platform aiming to increase your probability of success at starting line of discovery journey.

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Maximized Human Antibody Repertoire Diversity by highest number of human IgV gene included;

Consistent wild-type immune response for antigens of highly homologous targets;

Fully reserved in vivo optimizing capability from natural antibody maturation process;

Coming New Animals to Empower Your Therapeutic with More Modality Choice

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The same heavy chain germline configuration as ImmuMab® Mouse to ensure highly diversified fully human antibody repertoire with selected Kappa light chain.
  • Easy assembly of two CLC antibody into one bispecific fully human antibody
  • Common Light Chain design allows NGS-AI empowered analysis to facilitate end-to-end discovery and development process.
  • Nature occurring IgG structure bringing low risk and challenge for manufacture and long half-life.
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The same heavy chain germline configuration as ImmuMab® Mouse to ensure high diversity repertoire, but without light chain.
  • Source of nano-antibodies without humanization requirement for therapeutic development.
  • Versatile module for multi-specific antibody or ADC product.
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Generating Alpaca Heavy-Chain-Only antibody from mouse.
  • Mouse bred and immunized , Alpaca HCO antibody generated.
  • Alpaca HCO antibody repertoire with diversity of mouse B cell development.
  • Nano-antibody made by nature, less engineering burden and challenge for manufacturability.
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Generating fully human antibody with rabbit immune advantage.
  • High Diversity and Specificity antibodies from Rabbit’s unique B-cell ontogeny.
  • Drug the undruggable epitopes by human and mouse.
  • Generation of antibodies that cross-react with mouse orthologs of human antigens.

Massive-fragment Across Species In situ Replacement Technology(MASIRT®)

Magic of Immunocan to constantly create new in vivo antibody generating animals

In situ replacement of Mb-scale gene fragment in one operation;

Moving gene of interest between any two species, no need for embryo stem cell;

Three months only to replace Mb-scale gene fragment