Immunocan pioneers Mb gene replacement technology to create a new fully human antibody mouse platform

Immunocan pioneers Mb gene replacement technology to create a new fully human antibody mouse platform

December 3, 2022, Shanghai, China – Shanghai Immunocan Biotech Co., Ltd., launched ImmuMab® Mouse, an innovative human antibody mouse platform with the largest potential diversity.

Along with the continuous development of antibody-based drug technology, monoclonal antibody drugs and innovative therapeutics based on monoclonal antibodies (bispecific antibody, ADC, CAR-T, etc.) have become an important means for the treatment of many diseases including oncology and autoimmunity. They are constantly rewriting treatment guidelines, bringing breakthrough benefits of precision therapy for patients around the world. Thanks to its inherent characteristics of efficient in vivo optimization and high affinity, the fully human antibody discovery animal platform has significantly increased its contribution to antibody drug discovery in recent years.

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Comparison of humanized mouse platform and other antibody discovery processes

The construction of fully human antibody animal platforms is subject to high technical and resource barriers. The creation of traditional fully human antibody animal platforms requires complex and lengthy processes of genetic engineering and embryonic stem cell manipulation. Even for mice platforms with faster construction and breeding process, it takes more than 5 years, followed by a long phase of optimization and improvement. In addition, the limited number of contained human immunoglobin gene variable regions and the lack of complete cis-regulatory elements due to the limitations of the underlying construction technology fundamentally limit the antibody diversity from these platforms, affecting the screening scope for early-stage research candidates and the identification of future molecules with the highest clinical benefit value.

The proprietary massive-fragment in situ replacement technology (MASIRT®) allowed Immunocan to construct a fully human antibody mouse platform in 18 months, achieving in situ replacement of human immunoglobulin variable region coding sequence and relevant cis-regulatory regions. A complete antibody variable region coding region and a more realistic human gene regulation environment enable the enhancement of antibody discovery ability and expansion of druggable boundary.

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In situ replacement of mouse immunoglobulin genes performed by Immunocan based on MASIRT® technology

ImmuMab® Mouse platform has now been built and fully released, which will provide the broadest exploration space for innovative antibody-based drug development worldwide. MASIRT® allows for cross-species operations, with more innovative species platforms to follow in 2023. Immunocan is now actively seeking cooperation with industry-leading antibody-based therapeutic developers. More information can be found at Or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Massive-fragment Across Species In situ Replacement Technology (MASIRT®)

Immunocan’s original core technology: Mb-scale massive-fragment across species in situ replacement technology in a single operation. It allows for rapid construction of antibody discovery platforms from multiple species such as rabbit in addition to mouse.

About ImmuMab® Mouse platform

ImmuMab® Mouse is the first human antibody animal platform created by Immunocan based on its proprietary MASIRT® technology. We have completed the construction of a fully human mouse platform in 18 months based on our proprietary massive-fragment gene replacement technology, achieving Mb-scale large fragment gene replacements. Available data suggest that the platform can generate antibodies with lower immunogenicity without the need for lead antibody optimization or later humanization. The company has filed relevant patents for the platform.

About Immunocan

Founded in 2020, Immunocan specializes in obtaining fully human antibody animals through its self-developed gene-edited animal platform. Based on gene editing techniques, the platform enables gene replacement of immunoglobulins variable region across multiple species.  Immunocan is committed to providing the world’s leading humanized antibody animal platform and antibody drug discovery platform for global antibody research and development partners to bring safer and more effective antibody-based therapeutics for disease treatment.